About us
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Yotcha.com empowers home owners and seekers in the property search and transaction process. By combining the latest big data technologies with deep industry insight, Yotcha.com allows participants to either find the right agent to assist them in the transaction process, or to manage the process on their own.

Find the Right Agent

Yotcha.com analyzes thousands of data points to make a unique set of agent recommendations for every home seeker finding a property, or home owner looking to sell or rent out their property. This objective method of assessing the suitability of a real estate agent, using factual data such as transaction records and client reviews, ensures that you only get the best deal – on your terms.

List Direct (for Sellers and Landlords)

If you are a seller or landlord and prefer to do-it-yourself, Yotcha.com offers you a free platform to market your property. Simply create a free account, have ready some beautiful photographs of your home and post your listing in a few easy steps.